Have been Based in Turkey for great many years mostly Chartering I at one time was running two Yachts one called Chaika of Vah the Other called September a Cheoy Lee Ketch 47Ft
Very successful I joined a Company called Blue water Sailing and we worked together for three years mostly with Dutch Guests,
I then took over a Schooner Turkish Built called Lydia of Bodrum Ran this for 4 years until the Owner due to problems in Turkey up and left for Switzerland his Home Country, The Yacht was put up for Sale and Sold to a Friend of Mine who wanted me to Continue Chartering the yacht,
This was ok up until year 2000 when I took a Delivery of a 45ft Sailing Yacht to Fort Lauderdale USA a trip that took best part of 29 days just to cross the Pond Trade winds Ha! What Trade winds they ellude us wispers of a breeze only Trades had Vanished?
Best winds we had were from Turkish Cost to Athens then over to ─░taly we made a stop in Palma to stock up and do some repairs, Stopped also in Gibraltar to also do repairs that did not last long at all. Gibraltar to Grand Canaries we were attacked by Pirates on this leg of Voyage only to be yold when we arrived Three yachts gave out distress calls but disappeared from face of the Earth Coast Guard questioned us as to what happened. They tried to Ram us three times not a nice situation nice to be Armed in situations such as this. Then a good Sail down to Seychelles we made our landing in Barbados where My Favourite Cousin was living She never expected this arrival!
Made me feel like a King.Another story